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The Art of Marion Martinez

All art on this page has a copyright (c) belonging to Marion Martinez.. All rights reserved for the artist.


Lots of wearable art (jewelry) and wall hangings to choose from--all of it rooted in the traditions and customs of the Hispanic and Native American Cultures of Northern New Mexico with components derived from technology. The art pins are gorgeous to wear. And because no two are alike, you can always maintain your own unique style with every selection you make. 



                            "Corazon del Nino"   14" X 10" X 2.5"     PUR


                         Wall Hanging  (Similar Theme Commissions Only)  





            AzTechna Ancient Wisdom   Wearable Art Pin  3.75" X 1.75" X .25"  $200 & Up







                                   "White Buffalo Pin-Buffalo Chip"    2.25" X 1.75"                

                          Wearable Art Pin  #MM1-610  $65 & Up (Custom orders Only)        








                                        "Olmec Time Traveler"  3" X 1.75" X  .125"


                                                Wearable Art Pin #MM1-110  $125 











                                                           "Bear"     2.25" X 1.5"    


                                              Wearable Art Pin #MM1-1008   $125 & Up 








                       "Andando ente la Milpa - Walking in the Corn Field"  7.5" X 4.5" X 3"


                                                        Wall Hanging/Sculpture  PUR





See some of things you like? Then go on and get them.

Call us at 816-529-0338, "R" Email us at




P.S. Thank you for looking at Marion's art. Everything shown on this page is a Mixed Tech Media Work of Art and is hand crafted upon order. Because the wearable art pins are multiples, no two are exactly alike, so please allow for nuances.  






Archival and Shadow Box Framing Services Are Available.